INTEGRA at Bottega Veneta.

INTEGRA at Bottega Veneta.
DeLclima supplied 2 INTEGRA units to the new Bottega Veneta Atelier.

Data pubblicazione: 19/01/2015

Treviso, January 2015: Bottega Veneta is an Italian luxury goods house best known for its leather goods. Founded in 1966, it was purchased in 2001 by Gucci Group, and now is part of the French multinational group Kering. The Company ended 2013 with revenues of 1,16 billion euro and a double-digit growth (+13.8%) with respect to the previous year.
To confirm the positive trend of the company, they have also opened a new location in Villa Da Porto-Schroeder, a 55.000m2 protected area in a historic area surrounded by nature in Montebello. The new HQs demonstrates the company’s high level of care both for the people who work there and for the surrounding environment. In effect in 2013 the Villa got both the “Best Wokplace” award and LEED Platinum certification.
The most important aspects of the project are in fact related to environmental care and aimed at reducing the use of water, artificial lights and overall energy consumption. With this respect, 1.200 m2 of photovoltaic panels have been installed on the roof of the villa, a rainwater recycling systems has been created and the HVAC system, based on DeLclima units, has been designed to work with geothermal probes to minimize CO2 emissions.
To bring major benefits to a building where occupiers are looking not only at energy efficiency but also wishing to create comfortable working environments, 2 DeLclima NECS-WQ 1104 INTEGRA units have been installed. They are able to produce cold and hot water at the same time, achieving higher efficiency in spring and autumn, when there are more possibilities to have simultaneous request of cooling and heating.
DeLclima HVAC units contribute to green building certification credits. It is not by chance that so many DeLclima units have been installed in green certified buildings all around the world. Some examples of these include Aurecon office building in Capetown, Porta Nuova in Milan, Kinetik in Paris, Nave de Vero in Venice, Intesa San Paolo Tower in Turin, Central St. Giles and Regent’s Place in London, just to mention the most recent and prestigious projects.