Kinetic art in Paris

Kinetic art in Paris
DeLclima INTEGRA units installed at the Kinetik office building in Paris.

Data pubblicazione: 07/01/2015

Treviso, January 2015: DeLclima, through its subsidiary Climaveneta, supplied 2 INTEGRA units to “Kinetik”, part of the new B4e mixed use development in Paris.
Kinetik is an office building, designed by the international agency for architecture, urbanism and design, Sauerbruch et Hutton, and composed of 15.000 m² of office space, 695 m² of retail, and 649 m² of other activities.
The building is designed with a strong articulation of the south and the west facades.
The first one is characterized by horizontal bands in shades of red. The west one is composed by colored vertical glass elements, the "thorns" that, by their reflective finish and varying dimensions, create a dynamic and oscillating interface. Pedestrians walking around the building following this kinetic effect perceive a continually changing appearance.
Kinetik is a BREEM excellent certified building, that also received other prizes for its environmental respect as the Certification NF commercial building – HQE; Label BBC Effinergie RT 2005 -50% and Label VHEP 2005 -20%.
Modern and complex buildings like Kinetik request simultaneous demand for heating and cooling during the year in order to ensure ideal comfort. This is due to the coexistence in the same building of areas dedicated to different functions, with very variable heat loads, enhanced by large glass surfaces.
To get perfect comfort all year round in such an impressive building, 2 DeLclima ERACS-Q/SL 2722 INTEGRA air source units have been installed on Terrace 4.
Maximum efficiency in every season, no local CO2 emissions and the chance to combine the unit with renewable sources are the main advantages INTEGRA units can bring to the building, contributing to green certification credits